USB to MIDI Adapter


USB to MIDI Adapter

Art.-Nr.: UMIDI

Preis: 29.90  €


Product Overview :

It's easy to turn your PC into a music studio. Start by connecting an electronic musical instrument to your computer with the supplied USB MIDI cable. Within minutes you'll be able to play songs while they are being recorded on your PC! With appropriate software, you can overdub additional instruments, then edit, mix and even print sheet music of your final compositions. Supports Windows XP,Vista, 7 and Mac OS X operating systems.

Features :

Latest Version with a built-in driver.
No driver installation.
true plug & play - USB powered and Class Compliant.
1 IN + 1 OUT MIDI interface.
16 MIDI input channels + 16 MIDI output channels.
MIDI activity LEDs indicators for each port.
Supports : Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OSX operating systems.
Cable length: 2 meters (6ft).