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Applications of SOLARMETER 9.6 :

• Red LED, Fluorescent, and HID Lamp Intensity
• For LED, Fluorescent, and HP (HID) Lamps
• Collagen Stimulation Irradiance
• Wound Healing Irradiance
• Red Lamp Aging Tests
• Photosynthetic Action Spectrum Red Band

Features and Benefits of SOLARMETER 9.6 :

• Hand Held Integral Sensor
• Accurate Calibration
• NIST Traceable
• Compact and Durable
• LCD Readout

Sensor :

GaAsP Photodiode packaged in hermetically sealed glass window cap.
Filter used to narrow bandwidth as shown on Spectral Response Graph.

Meter Operation :

To operate your Solarmeter, aim the sensor window located on the top panel of the meter directly at a light source.
Press and hold the push-button switch on the face of the meter. For best results take note of the distance the reading was taken from the source in order to ensure repeatable results.

Battery operation voltage is viable from 9V down to 6.5V. Below 6.5V the numbers on the LCD display will begin to dim indicating the need for battery replacement. Under typical service load a standard 9V battery will last around 2 years.

Proper Usage of Solarmeter® Red Light Radiometer :

• Wear tinted eye protection when checking intense light sources.
• Allow lights to warm-up prior to taking readings (at least 5 min).
• For individual light intensity, hold meter close to LED or lamp.
• For effective light intensity, hold meter at working distance from the light source.
• When checking aging of lights, keep measuring distance and locations constant.
• Lights should be replaced when output drops to about 70% of their original (new) readings.
• If unsure of what new values were, replace an adjacent light with a new identical one and compare the two.
• Do not subject the meter to extremes in temperature, humidity, shock or dust.
• Use a dry, soft cloth to clean the intrument. Keep sensor free of oil, dirt, etc.

Specifications :

Irradiation Range : 0-199.9 mW/cm² Red Light
Response : 577-661 nm
Resolution : 0.1 mW/cm²
Conversion Rate : 3.0 Readings/Sec
Display : 3.5 Digit LCD
Digit Size : 0.4 inch High
Operation Temperature : 32° F to 90° F
Operation Humidity : 5% to 90% RH
Accuracy : ±10% to NIST Ref. Meter
Dimensions : 4.2L x 2.4W x 0.9D (in.)
Weight : 4.5 OZ. (Including Battery)
Power Source : 9-Volt DC Battery

Ordering Information :

Model 9.6 : Red Light Radiometer

Virtuavia is the French Distributor for Solarmeter. Solarmeter® is Solar Light Company Inc.'s brand of specialty hand-held light meters. We are the industry leader in the design and manufacture of UV and Visible Light radiometers for measuring lamp irradiance vs aging, as well as other related applications serving the indoor tanning industry, window film tint measurement, outdoor UV Index measurement, UV curing, reptile and sterilization lamp measurement, red/blue light phototherapy, LED measurement, and photovoltaic (PV) solar irradiance metrology. These meters provide long term accurate measurements for both low and high intensity lamp systems, in order to enable output and aging determination. They also measure solar irradiance. Solar Light Company, Inc. is recognized worldwide for over 50 years as America's premier manufacturer of precision ultraviolet light sources, solar simulators, and radiometers. Our standard line of UV, visible, and IR radiometers and light meters measure laboratory, industrial, environmental, and health related light levels with NIST traceable accuracy. Column ozone, aerosol, and water vapor thickness measurements, in addition to long-term global ultraviolet radiation studies all over the world are performed using our atmospheric line of instrumentation. Solar Light also provides NIST traceable spectroradiometric analyses, calibrations for light meters and light sources, OEM instrumentation and monitors, and accelerated ultraviolet radiation degradation testing of materials.

Solarmeter® is a registered trademark of Solar Light Company, Inc.